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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Afternoons...

If you think my next words are “I’m just beginning to see…”, as in the song of the same title, you could be right!

Yes, after attending the “conference to end all conferences” for getting your book published by a Christian publishing house, I have re-set that goal. Not because there was anything wrong with the event or the publishers, although I will admit I don’t think I am a conference person, I do think that it is timely to think about self and electronic publishing as the future of reading.

I know, I know, I too am a smell-the-print person, as I was a feel-the-pen-in-your-hand person when I began writing. Quickly, I realized the superior convenience of the cut and paste, delete and replace, and so many other happily convenient values of the computer over the pen and paper. So, adjust, I tell myself, once again.
I also have some ideas about how to make that all work. Maybe even a business around the self/e-book. I do love business!

So, this next weekend I am off to yet another conference, Orange County Christan Writer's Conference, but this one has a strong self-publishing thrust. I am excited to talk to some of the people in the industry face to face. I’ll report a bit more about that when I return.

In the meantime, write-on and don’t worry about the publishing aspect—I’m believing that may all be up in the air right now, in more ways than one.

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