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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to talk with an editor...part 1 Make a Good Impression

Some conference attendees make a big deal out of talking with the right editors. One woman told me she sold her first born son to land an appointment, but I know better than that—I have sons.

I, myself, am very cool about these things. I took leisure time this morning over coffee in my room, the proverbial babbling brook tittering outside my window, and meditated deeply on several scriptures. Then I saw the time.

Holy smoke! I dressed, make-uped, and scooted out the door so quickly that I forgot one of the critiques I had prepared for class this morning. This oversight caused me to use my entire ten minute break to hike downhill to my cabin and back. I don’t think anyone noticed I was panting through my nose when I returned to the classroom. Very cool.

I felt like my lunch with the editor of one of the major publishing houses went very well—they will not be printing any new fiction for 2 years. Hmmm. But she recommended another editor. OK.

After lunch I scampered (as fast as one can with a cane) to pick up the pre-conference manuscripts I had submitted to editors. Nope. Neither of their houses can use my books either. More recommendations.

I attended another two workshops on different elements of publishing and let the words roll over me. “Don’t be disappointed.” “Don’t give up.” “Do the next thing.”

I didn’t cry or anything. OK. I did eat some M&M’s that I had previously in the day wondered how anyone can stomach. Then trundled to my room to update the blog. Here I found under the chair of my desk a 2” long earring on the floor that matches the one in my ear.

Very Cool.


  1. At least you have your sense of humor. I laughed about the earring thing. Done it myself. My reasoning: People thought you wear one earring on purpose (or they would have said something). That makes you look trendy and edgy. All good.

  2. Congrats on finding the earring, and bigger congrats for having the courage to put yourself and your work out there!

    Christi Corbett

  3. I'm still trying to picture myself in a "trendy" or "edgy" pose. Can't see it. But, I'm sure you are right, of course!