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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready to roll?

I have six book samples to read and critique today—each 20 pages. This is for the Brandilyn Collins mentor group at the conference. For all of those whose books I am reading, there are authors who are also reading and critiquing twenty pages of Julia. I’ve actually begun, but I want to do a good job on each so, I’ve a full day’s work ahead of me. That’s besides packing and taking my mom to lunch for her birthday!

I plan to leave by seven tomorrow morning. Yes, I am driving to the Mt. Hermon Writer’s Conference nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Anyone want to ride with me? (Do you note a quake in my voice and knees?) I hate to go alone, but my time with God alone on the drive will be blessed, too. Seriously. Driving is healing to me.

I will visit my family in Sacramento on Wednesday and arrive on Thursday. More super interesting stuff will be posted then, I’m sure. Thanks for reading along.

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