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Monday, April 18, 2011

Overwhelmed, Talking to the intelligencia, part 2

I was going to post last night and could not get on line. We're nestled in a redwood forest on a hillside, so I'm glad to have coverage--ever.

The latest, career-wise, is that I talked to another editor who is interested in seeing a book proposal from me. Can you believe it? She likes an idea I have for a devotional book. So, I'll need to go put that together. It will take a while and be about thirty pages long.

My mentoring class with Brandilyn Collins is fabulous. Yesterday the group critiqued Julia and were complementary and encouraging. As I was going into the class I was wondering why I had signed up for this because I was so sick of reworking Julia that I didn't think I could stomach rewriting it one more time. But Brandilyn gave me some insights about it that have excited me to return to tweaking the book.

One of the most important things I have learned in her class is to know what is the protagonist's desire. To be able to state this as specifically as possible. She pointed out that this is the foundation of the book.

If you're thinking of writing a book, I hardly recommend first reading her book, Getting into Character. This will help you write in a way that keeps the book consistently moving in the same direction and to avoid a wall in the middle of the project.

I sat at dinner last night with Bill Meyers. He wrote screen plays, McGee and Me, and many novels. I told him I wanted to write screen plays and he told me he would like to discourage me as there are much fewer opportunities to write for those than books and articles. I told him I didn't care. So, we talked. What an amazingly kind man. He's also doing the keynote speaker talks and if you can get your hands on the CD's of these, you should.

In the midst of this, I have to say I am exhausted. Last night after dinner I went to my room to recoup and was in bed by 9. I'm thinking of driving to Santa Cruiz today to walk in the autorium there or the boardwalk. I'll be leaving here on Tuesday to Sacramento and headed home on Wednesday.

OK. I have to go. Class in an hour and I have homework.

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