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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Contest! -- Remington House #2 Book Cover

The second book of the Remington House Series is due to be released by the fall of 2012. The first book of the series, Julia, Coming Home was set in the mountain touristy town of Sage Meadows, Oregon. The sequel and second book starts there, but intrigue transports the characters to France. The main plot of book 2 is about a young woman's quest to find her father's love. (As you know if you read Julia, Coming Home, there will be many subplots.) The cover will be similar to the first, but with a French air.

We'll work on a title later. But for NOW--the cover photo contest!

I traveled to France in 2007 and have many photos that could be used for the cover of the book. however, I can't decide which one! So, I am running a contest to ask for your help. The only thing that you have to do is to leave a comment here (or at my e-mail Shelley@JustDustPublishers.com ) saying which one you like best, and be sure to leave your contact info (e-mail is fine.) When I decide on the photo for the book, I will put the names of everyone who liked the winning photo in a hat and have my son draw a winner. The prize is a free signed copy of the new book  when it is released in the fall and, if you are a writer, a critique of 5 pages of your writing.

So, here they are. Choose your favorite scene and let me know the number  of the photo or send a description (and your contact info!) Before June 30th. (Please choose only one.) I will announce the winner on July 1st and send the winner confirmation. May the best reader win! Blessings!

P.S. If you have not read Julia, Coming Home and would like to you may order a copy from the author, www.JustDustPublishers.com   for $2 less ($13) than it is sold on Amazon.com ($15) and have it shipped to you or a friend for $1 less than other on-line retailers. Plus the author will sign it! Great deal.

Several have asked me how to vote: Go to bottom of this post. There is the word "comment." Click on that and a box opens up. Leave a comment there.








  1. It's difficult to choose as I don't know what happens in France of significance. But, in general, I like #12 for it's composition and color. Hope this helps. :)

  2. What she said :) Some pics would fit different plots better. I like #4 best though. It looks homey.

  3. I love the details on the old stone buildings best. If it is a city you're looking for... So if it has more formal themes I would choose #10 - the clock tower. If it is more informal themes, I would choose #11 the front door. LOVE that color!

  4. I like #9, of all the photos, when I look at #9 it evokes a feeling that penetrates. It's sad, mysterious, barren, yet drawing all at the same time. I'm ME's friend on fb that said, "this is my favorite" on ME's timeline. You can contact me there or through my email here. :)

  5. Shelley,
    There are several I like that could fit depending on what you wanted to highlight.
    But...since it's about searching for a father's love, then I VOTE FOR #4.
    Blessings on your book:)

  6. I love number #11. I think with the title it would draw in a prospective buyer! Good job cuz, I am really proud of you!! Donna

  7. AND THE WINNER IS.... This is the winning photo for the cover of my next book-due out before Christmas! 17 people voted for this photo taken in France, on either on FB or my blog. Today I put all the names into a hat and chose one person who would receive a first print copy of the book, and that person is...Beth Bilynskyj! Congratulations, Beth, and thanks to all for helping me choose.